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The perfect Greek beach for your wedding

10 Feb Blog, wedding in greece, wedding planner in Greece | Comments Off on The perfect Greek beach for your wedding
The perfect Greek beach for your wedding

The perfect Greek beach for your wedding


So you are considering having your wedding in Greece. The salty sea breeze, the wonderful texture of sand under your shoes, the warm sun shining on your eternal promise. There is no wonder a beach is considered the epitome of romantic, natural scenery for wedding ceremonies, and the sunny Mediterranean country of Greece is certainly the ideal place to exchange your eternal vows.

beach wedding athens greece

beach wedding athens greece






A beach wedding is a dream for many couples – but wait, what kind of beach do you prefer? Greece is well-known for its culture, sun and sea – The country boasts 16,300 km (almost 10,129 miles) of coastline, with beaches, coasts, and seaside promenades celebrated in literature, art and in the hearts of millions of visitors. Due to geological and natural phenomena, as well as its diverse history, Greece does not only offer your token celebrated Mediterranean beach, but many more types of beaches. It’s up to you to choose one.


The country’s multitude of islands resemble constellations of stars scattered in the Aegean and Ionian seas. Together with the mainland’s gorgeous peninsulas, gulfs and creeks, an extensive range of different types of beaches are scattered all over Greece. The scenery transforms from island to island, gulf to gulf, creek to creek, and a diverse range of options of stunning seaside spots are there for you to choose from. No need for extensive research on your part; our well-informed staff will guide you through this process, helping you find the ideal seaside spot for your perfect wedding ceremony.


A classic, tested-and-approved option is the elegant white sand beach. These are not only found on the much-adored Greek islands, as the mainland of the country also offers exquisite options for seaside ceremonies. Clear, cyan waters, the rhythmic, almost musical sound of the waves kissing the sand, seagulls flying in the background; all this and more embellish the delightful choice of a classic sandy beach.


There also wonderful, exotic black sand beaches, such as those on the famous island of Santorini. It is often called “the island of weddings and honeymoons”, as it is known over the world for its exquisite beauty and romantic scenery. A number of beaches on Santorini feature black sand, the product of prehistoric volcano eruptions. The resulting effect is a beautiful, dark color, which amazes and excites visitors. Read here for weddings in Santorini island.


Pebble beaches are also abundant in the sunny country. Some feature white pebbles, while others are more diverse, with a mosaic of color spreading as far as the eye can see. Pebble beaches are arguably easier to walk on, and offer an attractive, less-known alternative to sand. Another benefit is the fact that many pebble beaches lie in close proximity to historic, beautiful landmarks – like the castle of Platamon. You can also feature the pebbles as a theme in your wedding: Choose the smoothest, most beautiful ones to decorate your tables, offer some to family children to decorate and keep them as souvenirs from your wonderful day.


If you love trees as well as the sea, many different types of vegetation in seaside areas constitute a stunning background for your wedding pictures. From pines overlooking the water all the way to the palm trees of Vai, Crete for a more exotic vibe, you will want to consider the possibility of combining woods and sand. Just inquire us about the endless green options the country can offer you.


Coast-side scenery does not end there. Many Greek beaches feature wonderful traditional churches on, or very near them, which add a religious, mystic element to the eternal oaths. Depending on the spot, they can either be your characteristic white and light blue churches associated with the Cyclades, or more majestic, orthodox chapels. Finally, certain beaches on the mainland -such as in the Halkidiki peninsula- can set a natural background of the world-famous Mount Olympus for your wedding.


Many couples prefer to hold their ceremonies on spots overlooking the wonderful Greek beaches rather than on the beaches themselves. If you so wish, your wedding pictures can feature the glorious deep blue of the Mediterranean, while your guests are comfortably seated on a veranda or sea-side promenade, enjoying the sight of the couple standing in front of the open sea, exchanging vows. For an alternative approach, consider the remarkable scenery of a seaside cliff, which combines stunning views and natural terrain.


There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the endless array of beach wedding options. Our wedding planning service consists of friendly staff, always willing to listen to your desires, answer your questions and locate the perfect beach spot for your wedding ceremony. We know Greece like the palm of our hands.

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