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Wedding In Zante

Zante (Zakynthos), is a gorgeous island in Greece and the perfect place to have a wedding. There are plenty of reasons why a wedding in Zante is ideal. If you are from the UK and you want to know why this Greek island is the best place to have a wedding, then read below.

The Weather

The weather is nice in Zante all-year round. If you are planning a wedding in Zante and you want to get married when the weather is at its warmest, then you may want to plan it between May and August. You can have your dream wedding under the gorgeous hot sun in Zante and since the weather is nice, you can have your dream wedding wherever you want.

The People
There are only around 40,000 people who live on the island but thousands visit the island year after year. However, whether you engage in conversation with other tourists or locals, you will discover everybody on the island is very friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a place where hospitality is beyond every expectation, then the island of Zante is the place you want to have your wedding. The hospitality you and your partner will experience will make you both not wanting to leave the island.

Gorgeous Beaches
Zante is the homeland of some of the most gorgeous beaches all over Greece, and many consider Zante’s beaches to be the best in the world. After you get married, you can head over to one of the beaches and enjoy a day out in the sun with your new spouse. You can also choose to have your wedding on one of the beaches located in Zante. Having a beach wedding is very romantic. Can you imagine you and your spouse making a grand entrance by riding on a horse and a carriage on the beach? You can make your dream wedding even better by choosing a wedding package that includes extravagant fireworks to surprise your guests, right on the beach!

Great Towns
You and your partner should visit all the towns located within Zante. Kampi is one of the most relaxing towns on the island. After you get married, you can visit the town of Kampi, where you can enjoy impressive scenery and eat at small cafes; you will just love the town’s environment. Getting married at Kampi is ideal because there are a lot of nice little places there. Have a nice intimate wedding at this town and invite a few people to come along. You will love how cozy this town is, it will make your wedding feel relaxed and cozy.

Alykes is another small romantic town you must visit while in Zante. There are many romantic hotels you can stay at. Some of these hotels are located right on the beach. Can you imagine waking up and being able to reach the beach within minutes? While in Alykes you can enjoy a day of shopping at one of the many shops located there. When evening comes, you can visit one of the many pubs playing all types of music. You can easily find a pub with relaxing music throughout the night. If you choose Alykes, you can have a wedding full of energy.

The most lively section of the island is the town of Laganas. There are numerous hotels in this town to stay at while in Alykes. Some of the best restaurants of Zante can be found at Laganas. Make sure you visit one of the many nice restaurants located right on the beach. After a nice dinner by the sea, you may visit one of the nightclubs on the beach to enjoy drink and some dancing. If you want a memorable wedding and honeymoon, then make sure you visit Laganas.

Argasi is one of the smallest towns located on the island, but with a modern vibe. There are many traditional taverns. You can also just drive along the coastline and admire all the beauty of Argasi.

You can get married at any of the above towns. Have your wedding at a hotel or an extravagant suite. You can get married right on the balcony of your suite having a view of the ocean, or when the sun sets or rises and you will remember your wedding day forever. Some of the above towns have some of the most amazing gardens throughout Europe. If you think UK has some great gardens, then you will love what Zante has to offer.

Whether you want to get married at a balcony overlooking the ocean, in a garden underneath the sun or anywhere you wish to have your wedding at Zante, there are so many romantic locations to get married at; each location is perfect


You can eat out at a brand new restaurant, lay on the beach all day, take part in water activities such as water skiing, snorkeling and much more. There are many different things you can do while on the island. As a matter of fact, you can get creative with your wedding; you and your partner can get married right on a boat off the shores of the gorgeous beaches of Zante. You will love having your wedding on a boat in Zante’s sea.

You can make your wedding at Zante extra special by taking advantage of what the island has to offer. There are many romantic locations throughout Zante which will make your wedding extra special.

If you want to have a wedding in Greece you will never forget, then you should have your wedding in Zante. Zante is one of the most unique places in the world and you will be happy if you get married there.