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Choosing a Greek photographer for your wedding

11 Sep Blog, wedding in greece, wedding photographer, wedding planner in Greece | Comments Off on Choosing a Greek photographer for your wedding
Choosing a Greek photographer for your wedding

Choosing a photographer for your wedding in Greece

Your wedding is taking place in Greece and you are already in the middle of feverish preparations. Planning your wedding in Greece can be stressful as a handful of problems and details may arise in the meanwhile. The path towards a perfect ceremony should not be littered with missteps.

If you have already decided the type of ceremony or celebration you want, finding the appropriate photographer is the next step. The wedding shooting demands your undivided attention as it is crucial for you to have a vivid compilation of moments and the best reminiscences of this once-in-a lifetime event.


 Choose a Greek photographer for the best photographic results.


Is planning a wedding in a country that you do not reside getting all too much? Then, choosing a Greek photographer for your wedding shooting should be in your top priorities for several reasons. This is a “do” step that can relieve your concerns and guarantee a successful result. There are many photographers specialized in wedding photography, producing impressive results in Greece. Not only can an experienced and specialized photographer grasp the best moments of your wedding, but also link them in a narrative way afterward.


  • Greek photographers are well aware of the Greek land and culture. If you have a specific theme for your wedding and you envision a celebration with cultural hints, you need a team that will not overlook any of them. Knowing a location means that we can use it in a way to take the best out of it. After sharing your expectations, you can discuss their potentials or alternatives with the photographer. The photographer can recommend the best possible choices for you and even suggest new ones based on your expectations. Greece is well known for its picturesque places, the breathtaking views, and sunsets, as well as, for its history. A wedding photographer from Greece has a keen eye for those kinds of details and is able to capture the whole atmosphere. These details will make your pictures unique.
Greek photographer captured the moment

Photography from a greek wedding


As Greeks we know all the outstanding spots for the perfect wedding shot. Just trust us.

Eleni Dona.”


  • Trying to decide among local photographers may be tricky enough. A professional Greek wedding photographer should have a reputation. It’s time to do your own research on the reputation of your wedding photographer. Visit the website and check if it is quite professional for your taste. Search social media and published photographs. Evaluate the wedding photographer’s work depending on the quality and style. Ask referrals and try to reach out to couples that recently chose the photographer you are interested in. Take into consideration and be extra careful on good and bad reputation, most importantly found in the local area, so that you make the best decision.
photoshoot by a greek photographer

Photoshooting a bride

 Search for my recent works and check out my favourite wedding photographs taken in all the lovely weddings, I had the luck to work on. I’d be glad to contact me for further information.

Eleni Dona


  • Additionally, Greek photographers are aware of the Greek market, the prices and the average budget spent on destination weddings. No one knows better how the local business works than a local wedding photographer. This means that you will get informed about the cost of your wedding photography session and know exactly what you pay for.


  • A Greek photographer can also offer some referrals for other wedding vendors if you have trouble finding on your own. Don’t hesitate and ask about other professionals too.